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WeChat for iPad

"WeChat has been developed to be used in any operating system for Smartphone, and one of the most downloaded versions is WeChat for iPad."


WeChat for iPad uses the version of IOS WeChat for installation in the devices of the mark on the apple.

WeChat is an application that allows us to make free phone calls, video calls, send text messages and share pictures with other users of this application. Compares this app with others such as Line for iPad.

With WeChat for iPad can make calls high-quality and enjoy a larger screen than the iPhone display.

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How to download WeChat for iPad

Download WeChat for iPad is very easy. You can follow the tutorial to download WeChat in an iPad and learn more about this app.

WeChat for iPad uses the version of iOS for installation. To install WeChat for iPad you have to download the app from the official website. You are looking for the web www.wechat.com . You select the language you want. You're in the Download section. You select the button "download on the App Store" and now you can install WeChat in your iPad. It's that simple to download. The installation is the same as when installed WeChat for iPhone.

Other applications such as Viber for iPad are direct competition from WeChat for iPad. Know the main features of WeChat.

Usability and features Wechat for iPad

Already there are more than 300 million users who enjoy Wechat on their devices, for its speed, reliability and always allow them to be connected.

  • Instant Messages with group chat and large amount of emoticons

  • Voice Calls and video

  • You can chat with all your friends

  • Agile for sending photos, videos and different files

  • Walkie Talkie mode, up to 40 friends at a time

  • You're always connected, does not close the meeting, so you never miss any message

  • Alert instant messaging with Push Notifications

  • Shares and comments on the photos with your friends

  • Add friends instantly and import all your contacts

Install WeChat for iPad. Make free calls and share your greats moments with your friends. 

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Let's see some new function of the version 6.2.4 . Now you can synchronize your stickers personalized on having installed WeChat in a new device. In addition to the innovations that we can see in previous versions.

  • Version 6.2.4

  • Size: 94.9 MB

  • Aug 04, 2015

  • Now you can migrate your chat logs more easily from one phone to another. Translates moments to your language with just the press of a button. And enjoy the improvements of the app in your Apple Watch.

  • What's new: With this version you can automatically synchronize all your personalized stickers with only WeChat start in your new iPad, Smartphone or another device. In addition if you connect your smartphone via Bluetooth you can view your account and check your official data of your account.

  • Languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese.

  • It is now easier to find messages. Uses the new quick search feature enhanced.

  • It has enhanced the search for contacts with a new label.

  • You can now locate with a single touch the first unread message of a chat.

  • Label messages preferred to facilitate the search.

  • Add more than one message at a time and add them to favorites

  • Long press a message to translate it

Compatibility: This application is optimized for Iphone 5, rerquiere iOS 6.0 , and is compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, iPod Touch and iPad.

Advantages of install WeChat in your iPad

Of all the messaging apps that we can find available in the market, WeChat is the most complete. This app of Chinese origin is reliable and allows group chat, send funny videos or maintain interesting conversations from your iPad.

One of the main advantages of install WeChat in the ipad is the screen size available. With the display of the iPad we can visualize the images with exceptional quality. Write messages with the larger keyboard is very comfortable. It is also easier to share tasks.